Bert Goble's Tulsa Wiggler

Tusla Wiggler

Bert Goble's Tulsa Wiggler was as invention of Robert (Bert) Gerard (10) Goble.

These glass-eyed jointed baits were made by Bert Goble sometime in the 1920s. They were made in several sizes, and featured a carved tail that must have required some expertise at the factory. Goble baits have some of the most elaborate and attractive paint finishes of any lure. He had the lures produced in Germany and sold them in wooden boxes labeled "Goble Bait." Bert Gerard Goble also invented the "Goble Pump Jack" for use in the oil industry.

Bert was considered a brilliant man and inventor. He also was a bicycler and won many medals and silver cups in Pittsburgh before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. In Tulsa he planned and designed the Boston Avenue Methodist Church.

Bert Goble's ancestry: Robert (Bert) Gerard (10) Goble, John Forsythe (9), Robert (8), Isaac (7), Enos (6), Gersham/Gershom (5), Robert (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble (0).

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