The Inventor of the Goble Pump Jack

Robert (Bert) Gerard (10) Goble

by Minnie Goble Thompson
Robert Gerard (BG) Goble

Bert Gerard (B.G.) Goble invented the "Goble Pump Jack" for use in the oil industry.

B.G. was a very brilliant man. When his father, John F. Goble, remarried in 1879, he left home. As a teen-ager he went to Pittsburgh where he went into business for himself making wooden tanks. He told often about the time when a delivery truck came up and said, "Son, where's your father." Of course B.G. had to tell them that the delivery was for him.

He roomed in Allison Park with the Wilt Rippey family. There he met his wife, Elizabeth McCully. After they were married they moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma where he worked as an architect. He designed many of the houses in Bartlesville.

When Elizabeth became pregnant B.G. hired two doctors to take care of her. She had had a miscarriage previously and he was worried. Ten days after her son, William Ira, was born Elizabeth died of peritonitis. He was devastated by this and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before he left, however, he had a large addition built to the First Presbyterian Church and it was called the Goble Memorial. (They have since remodeled this church but they had a large granite stone in the garden at the front with the words 'Goble Memorial.')

After he arrived in Tulsa he hired a geologist for $100 a day to teach him geology. From there he went into the oil business and was very successful. He then invented the Goble Pump Jack, which many of the major oil companies used. He did well with his drilling but he had some bad leases and some New York lawyers cleaned him out.

B.G. was a very religious man. He was an Elder or a Deacon at the First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa.

Bert Goble's ancestry: Robert (Bert) Gerard (10) Goble, John Forsythe (9), Robert (8), Isaac (7), Enos (6), Gersham/Gershom (5), Robert (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble (0).

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