Stanley James Goble, Australian Flying Ace

By Evelyn Goble Steen

Stanley James Goble

Stanley James Goble was born at Croyden, Victoria, on 21 August 1891. He joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915 and served in 1 Naval Wing in France. It was in France that he claimed his first victim on 21 July 1916 when he shot down an unidentified two-seater aircraft.*1 Stanley served at the rank of Major for the Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Air Force in several squadrons. He was involved in 10 victories.

Commemorative Stamp

Officers Stanley Goble and Ivor McIntyre, of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) made the first aerial circumnavigation of Australia in 1924 in a Fairey IIID seaplane. Their feat was recognized with a commemorative stamp. Goble Street, in Hughes, Canberra, Australian Capital, Territory Australia is named for Stanley Goble. After World War I Stanley served in the Royal Australian Air Force and retired as Air Vice Marshal.*2 Stanley Goble died 24 July 1948 in Melbourne.

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*2 Provided by his son, John Goble
Stanley Goble
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