Mamie Doud Eisenhower

Recently Carl English Porter completed research into the Doud family to determine the relationship between Rhoda Doud, wife of Daniel (5) Goble, and Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States. Mamie Doud Eisenhower’s line of descent is as follows: Henry (1), John (2), David (3), Richard (4), Benjamin (5), Eli (6), Royal H.(7), John S.(8), Mamie (9). Rhoda Doud's descent is: Henry (1), John (2), Ebenezer (3), Rhoda (4). Descendants of Daniel (5) Goble and Rhoda Doud bearing Goble generation number 10 are 6th cousins to the former First Lady.

Daniel (5), Daniel (4), Daniel (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), William (0).


What's in a Name? By Carl English Porter

As we pursue our heritage, we encounter ever more surnames. Most of these become a source of pride, when we dig around and discover the people who have born the name, and have struggled to overcome the obstacles that life presented to them. Usually, there is a time, however, after the surname has been discovered, but before we have become acquainted with these heroes, in our own family, that we draw on any prior experiences that we have had with the surname. Such a name is.... Doud an infrequently seen name, a name born prior to marriage, by a much admired First Lady. Her husband was not only a President of the United States, but was an authentic American hero, even if he had chosen to stay out of the political arena. His place in history was already assured, and he had to be persuaded to run for office. Of course, I'm referring to the Eisenhowers. Ike and Mamie followed the Roosevelt, and Truman years.

Although I do not subscribe to all the principles of their party, I am a strong believer in the need for a two party system. The Eisenhowers returned our country to the two party system, and they did it with rare integrity! I am very proud to have discovered a link to these fine people. Mamie Geneva (Doud) Eisenhower was a 9th generation descendant of Henry Doude who came to America from England in 1639 and settled at Guilford, Connecticut. Her line of descent is as follows: Henry, John, David, Richard, Benjamin, Eli, Royal H., John S., Mamie. The main source of information on the Doud family is a genealogy by Rev. W. W. Dowd, which was published in 1885. The title is "The Descendants of Henry Doude." Thanks are due to Tom Branigar, archivist and Hazel Stitt, audiovisual specialist at the Eisenhower Library who supplied the above information. In addition, thanks to those who have contributed the Rhoda Doud's Ancestry to Goble News. Most importantly, I wish to thank Evelyn Goble Steen, whose platform The Goble Family Homepage brought all together. Carl English Porter

Sources: The Descendants of Henry Doude by Rev. W.W. Dowd, 1885; Eisenhower Library

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