Goble Horse

By Evelyn Goble Steen

Lawrence E. (8) Goble was born March 30, 1876 in Union County, Indiana to Henry Washington (7) Goble and Susan M. "Sue" Gray. Lawrence was quite a farmer and a master farmer in the state of Indiana in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He made a lot of money and had many assets. Lawrence was also a horseman and successfully bred a specific breed of horse known as the GOBLE. The GOBLE was a large draft horse suitable for plowing, but about the time the GOBLE breed got up and going, along came the tractor.

Evidently the breed has endured and is advertised as a "mountain pleasure horse" for stud service.

Photographs and more information about the GOBLE Golden Palomino.

Lawrence E. (8) Goble, Henry Washington (7), Abner (6), Henry (5), Jonas (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble.


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