Goble's Grove - the name that brings to mind sandy beaches, blue waters of Lake Huron, glorious sunsets, wheeling sea gulls and soft breezes of summer!

The area we call Goble's Grove derived its name from a family of early settlers in Saugeen - Goble by name.

John Goble and his brother, Iden, came to Canada from England and arrived in Saugeen around 1850, settling on Lots 31 and 32, Lake Range. The west boundary of their property fronted on lake Huron.

Iden was a fisherman and plied his trade on the blue waters; John was a carpenter. He brought his carpenter's tools, including a lathe, with him from England, and was in great demand as a builder.

Photograph of Mr. & Mrs. John Goble

John and his wife had two children: a son, John, who remained a bachelor, and a daughter, Eleanor, who became Mrs. Duncan Lavrock and made her home in Port Elgin.

John built a home on Lot 31, known later as "Gobleholme" which is presently incorporated in the U.A.W. complex.

The Gobles remained at Lots 31 and 32 for several years before moving to Lot 23, Lake Range. They sold 90 acres from the easterly portion of their property to Robert P. Leeder and his three sons, Robert Jr., Philip and Fred, in 1855 and the remaining portion to James Henry, some years later, which in 1905 was purchased by Horatio Nelson.

In the ensuing years, the potential of the area for tourism was coming to the fore. Summer visitors would drive from Listowel and other points; some by horse and buggy, some by train and a few in automobiles, to enjoy the beauty of the area and the hospitality of local residents.

A small store and motel were built on the beach area. An added feature which was no small convenience to the visitors.

In October 1945, the following news item appeared in the local newspaper: "The deal was completed on Monday for the sale of one of Port Elgin's most famous summer hotels, 'Gobleholme', which has been owned and operated for some years by Oliver Kinzie of Waterloo. The new owner is James Higgins of London. The deal was transacted by Emery Wismer of Port Elgin."

Contained on page 297 of the History of the Township of Saugeen. Provided by Del Dunlop.

Published in Volume 5, Issue 4, December 1998 of The Goble Family Newsletter.

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