Fire Destorys Historic Gobles Home

By Evelyn Goble Steen
Updated Information September 18, 2000. See Below!
Hiram E. Goble Susan Perry Goble

Hiram Edwin (8) Goble was one of four Goble brothers who founded Gobleville Michigan in 1867. He and his wife, Susan Aurelia Perry, moved to Michigan in 1861 where they purchased 600 acres of what later became Gobleville. They had 8 children, 5 of whom survived and were raised in the house they built. Their home has been a major landmark of the town since 1870.

Goble Home

Hiram was the son of Nathaniel (7) Goble and Elizabeth "Betsey" Hinchey. His ancestry is Eliel (6) Goble, Ezekiel (5) Goble, Jonas (4) Goble, Daniel/David (3) Goble, Daniel (2) Goble, Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble. In September 1998, the local newspaper printed this article.

Goble Home Fire


The home of one of the city of Gobles' founders was damaged by fire Tuesday night (this was in September 1998, but the date has not been provided).

Unites from Oshtemo, Bloomingdale, Paw Paw and the Gobles-Pine Grove fire departments battled the blaze in the historic home at the northwest corner of Glover and Exchange streets.

Jim Ray, assistant chief for the Goble-Pine Grove Fire Department, said there was fire in the attic when crews arrived about 8 p.m. No one was hurt, he said, and the fire remains under investigation.

The house has been divided into five apartment units. Manager Debra Fricke said that four units were occupied.

Leon Price, who owned the house for 30 years, said it was the home of Hiram and Susan Goble.

Hiram Goble was one of four Goble brothers credited with establishing the town in 1867. It was originally known as Gobleville.

According to Price, the woodframe, two-story home was 135 years old and had 26 rooms. Price said he sold it seven years ago.

By Rod Smith, Special to the Gazette.

The article was provided by Levern and Rachel Goble. They traveled through Gobles on their way home after the Goble reunion held in Missouri, September 6, 1998. They saw the house after the fire and said "it is badly damaged and believe it will be destroyed."

Again I am reporting to you on the destruction of our Goble history. I believe it is very important to future generations that we document these old structures and try, in whatever way we can, to preserve them. It is sad to see yet another Goble landmark vanish.

UPDATE! September 18, 2000, Maureen Burns Van Hoven visited Goble, Michigan to try to locate the house. She reports: "I am sorry to tell you that they did not rebuild the house. There is nothing but a vacant lot there now. Nobody even knew it was Hiram's house and didn't even know who Hiram Goble was!" We're really sorry to hear that yet another historic Goble home has vanished.

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