Goble Corn Sheller

A collectible corn sheller was recently auctioned in Ohio. It has two opposing handles necessary for switching hands to feed the corncob through. The support is embossed with the manufacturer's info - "GOBLE BROS. & Co. SOLE MFR'S No. 123 GEST ST. CINCINNATI". This would indicate there was a patent.

If you have knowledge of the "Goble Bros" manufacturing in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1900s, please let us know who they might have been.

Update - The Goble Bros. were listed in the 1881 Cincinnati City Directory. The corn shelling part of the tool pictured was actually patented by James W. Hawley, Odin, Illinois and Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Hawley had several corn sheller patents. This implement was most likely manufactured by the Goble Bros. Company which stamped the Goble insignia on all their products.* Information provided by Jim Moffet

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