NFL Football Trading Card

In 1954 Les Goble was a rookie for the Chicago Cardinals. He played halfback and was a sensation in kickoff returns ranking first for the Cardinals and second in the League. He was the only player in the League to score two touchdowns in returning kickoffs that year. At Alfred College the "fleet halfback" scored 8 touchdowns and had a net gain of 700 yards in six games in 1953. He was selected to the "Little All-American" team at Alfread College. Les was also a track star, running the 100-yard dash in 9.7 seconds.

Les was born in Waverly, New York and continues to live there with his family. As you can see by the football card, Les had the same trouble getting people to spell his name correctly as the rest of us.

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Lester Bois (10) Goble, Wilbert Abbey (9), William Hugh (8), George Washington (7), Selam/Selah S. (6), George (Jacob) (5), Robert (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble.

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