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GOBLE FAMILY REUNION - June 29, 30 - July 1, 2007

2007 Goble Family Reunion

The 2007 Goble Family Reunion was held in Branson, Missouri on June 30, 2007.


Friday, June 29, 2007

We gathered off the main lobby in the Montclair room at the Grand Plaza in Branson starting around 2:00pm and began to set up our displays and meet cousins from around the country. There was a last minute room change made by the hotel because our group was so large.

After checking in and setting up many went to dinner and took in some of the entertainment/shows available. The weather was a bit dreary, but it didn't affect the mood of our group.

Displays included:

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The hotel breakfast was great and we took up a rather large part of the dinning room.

We opened the Montclair room about 8:30 am and began to greet cousins, hand out name tags, t-shirts, programs and gifts provided, which included GOBLE letter openers, monogrammed M&Ms, Rules of the Road, travel tips book contributed by the author, our cousin, Wayne Goble and Family Tree DNA fliers.

Warren and Robert Steen took photographs of family groups and handed out tickets for our door prize drawing.

I (Evelyn Steen) opened the meeting with a Welcome and some announcements. We welcomed 11 children this year and prepared a table for arts and crafts and activities in the rear of the room.

Our first speaker was Barbara Volker with, I’m Eligible for DAR membership, so who cares? Steven Hurst followed Barbara with information on DAR/SAR recognition of Daniel Goble’s (both 6th and 7th generations) Revolutionary War service.

Before we gathered for our group photograph on the front steps of the hotel everyone introduced themselves and told where they were from. We then adjourned to the front steps for our large group photograph. The timing was perfect. As soon as we came back in the building the rains began!

We assembled in the “Sunset Room” on the 9th floor for our luncheon. Since we were running a bit ahead of schedule we had some unplanned entertainment from the grandson of Charlie and Paulette Goble, Conrad Mitchell Myers (Age 4) who sang America the Beautiful. Idaleen Conklin played the piano and we sang a few songs.

Paul and Barbara Volker, Ruth Goble and Warren Steen preformed our planned Musical Entertainment accompanied by Idaleen Conklin on the piano.
A Celebration of Family Life included:

The talent in our family is amazing!

Milton Goble gave the blessing and we had a fabulous lunch buffet. We would definitely recommend Jack's Plaza View to anyone visiting Branson. After lunch we took a short break!

We gathered again in our meeting room about 1:15 and nearly everyone was eager to get started. Dick Wadding and Evelyn Steen told a few Goble stories and then we began the program.

A Power Point presentation: Where in the World are we From? Presented by Evelyn Steen was followed by questions. A slide show by Keith Goble entitled My Trip to England included photographs of St. Mary's church of Aldingbourne, West Sussex, England and the baptismal font used at the time of Thomas Goble's christening.

Door prizes and Awards followed the program. Glori Lund did the honors of drawing tickets for the door prizes.

Our first item was a painting by yours truly, Evelyn Steen. (Pink Hollyhocks is a giclee print of an award winning, fluid acrylic, painting) won by Wanda Dunn. Our next item was 2 tickets to a Magic Show, contributed by the Grand Plaza won by Zach Adams. Additional door prizes were contributed by Norma Thomas and Patricia Prough.

Awards were given for Longevity to:

Award for the Youngest in Attendance was given to:

Certificates of Appreciation were given to:

for the wonderful Entertainment provided.

Thanks were given to Barbara Volker, Steven Hurst, Keith Goble for speaking; Warren Steen and Robert Steen for Photography; and all who helped at the Children's Table.

The Goble Family Association Business Meeting began about 2:30 pm.

Goble Family Association - Slate of Officers (2007-2010)


NOMINATIONS/VOLUNTEERS (If nominated the candidate must agree to serve)

PRESIDENT (Treasurer): Barbara Goble Volker 


HISTORIAN/GENEALOGIST: Evelyn Goble Steen (717) 259-7870

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Sally Goble Meyers (408) 246-0578 

NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION: Barbara Goble Volker			  


	Western (Pacific): Miji Ryan (425) 259-5891				

	Mountain: Louis M. Goble (505) 294-0297					

	Midwest: Glory Lund (417) 337-7056 					

	South: Nada Watrous (817) 790-0926 

	East: Evelyn Goble Steen (717) 259-7870	

	Canada: VACANT						


	Western: Barbara Goble Volker (2010)	

	Midwest: VACANT (2017)					

	East: Brian Valentino (2013)	

We still need a Secretary and representative for Canada. Please contact Barbara Goble Volker to volunteer!

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