A Note From Evelyn
By Evelyn Goble Steen

Happy New Year cousins and genealogists! We had a fabulous Goble reunion in England in 2019 and enjoyed a lovely tribute to Thomas and Alice Goble (progenitors of our largest database of Gobles). We honored our ancestors at Saint Mary the Virgin church in Aldingbourne where they were wed 400 years earlier and where their first-born son, Allanus served as Churchwarden in 1690. Albert and Becky Goble renewed their wedding vows on the same spot Albert's 9th great grandparents married. It was an incredible experience and a once in a lifetime event.

As many of you know I started the Goble Family Association in 1994 to help cousins connect and discover our heritage. I also started our website and developed quite a few databases of Gobles all over the world. It's been an interesting, inspiring and exciting experience for me and whenever I can help someone discover their roots it gives me a thrill. This year I will be 75 years old and although I'm still fairly computer savvy and can still really get into my research I am going to start scaling back. Barbara Volker has stepped up many times over the years to help and we've taken turns being in control of the association business. We no longer ask for dues and we have now deactivated the association with this last reunion being our last. We are happy to provide data to any who want it for your own research. Should anyone wish to revive the Goble Family Association and take ownership, we would be delighted to support that and know our membership would as well.

I plan to maintain the website for 2 more years. At that point I believe most all our information will be available or linked to our Facebook page and/or many other genealogy sites.

Thank you all who have been loyal followers of our research. Please let us know if we can help you. Our best wishes!

Evelyn Goble Steen
Barbara Goble Volker


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