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Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2006


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It may sound like it’s too early to begin to discuss the next Goble Reunion, but it will be here before we know it.  According to our bylaws the next reunion should be held in the middle of the country.  That could mean a variety of states and places.  We will be gathering the reunion committee (on-line) to begin to make the arrangements sometime this summer.   We normally try to hold the affair during the summer months so that cousins with younger children can plan to attend.  That would give us a window of June through August of 2007. Please send us your suggestions. 



  Heinrich Göbel, or later: Henry Goebel (April 20, 1818 - December 4, 1893), born in Germany, was a watchmaker and inventor, an early pioneer who did much work on developing the light bulb. In 1844, he married Sophie Lübke. At the age of 31, he immigrated to New York City, USA, where he lived until his death.

  Göbel is reported to have developed the first practical bulb in 1854, a quarter of a century before Edison's patent. After some improvements, in 1859 his lamp lasted for up to 400 hours.

  A few months after a court decision established the priority over Edison, Göbel died of pneumonia. He was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery on 5th Avenue in New York City.[2]












Irish Blessing: May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.



The Annual Goble Dinner is held on the 3rd Sunday in August at the Guntersville Lake beach in Guntersville, Alabama.  Everyone is invited to bring a covered dish.  The dinner begins around 12:00 noon. We have a lot of fun visiting with our Goble Cousins and sharing things about our Goble family. For more information please call Lillian Goble Pace at: 256-350-6130; Joe Goble at: 256-470-0617; or Alfred (Al) Goble at:  256-571-6831.   (Southern Goble Branch)




Michael Burke Goble of our English Line.

Michael "Mike" Burke Goble was born on January 8, 1952 in Payson, Utah to Elwin and Jewell Goble.  He shared the same birthday as Elvis, which he appreciated since Elvis was the King of Rock n' Roll music.  Mike attended Murray High School until his junior year - 1968. He was a rebel in high school and greased his hair back like the "Greasers", and wore a jean jacket as was done in the fifties. He hung out with his group of friends that included Nordahl and Dee.  He married his high school sweetheart in 1969 and became a dad in 1970.  He was married for 20 years to his high school sweetheart, Debbie.  They had two children, the first being a daughter and the second a son.  Mike drove a truck most of his life after starting his first truck-driving job at Geneva Rock in Salt Lake where he drove a belly-dumper.  He later took a truck-driving job for IML in which he drove long and short haul semis.  He was a country-western musician playing rhythm guitar, and he was also lead singer for The Fifth-Wheel (along with his brother, Brent).  Many of his listeners thought he sounded a lot like Johnny Cash and/or Merle Haggard. Mike was also known to wear a simple straw cowboy hat in which he took much pride.  He spent much time shaping his hat and felt that his cowboy hat was as much apart of him as his arms or legs.  One of his favorite songs was by Merle Haggard titled "I Wear My Own Kind of Hat".  Mike was also recognized as resembling Buffalo Bill.  His heart truly was in the Old West and he often fantasized about what it would have been like to live in the Wild West.  He enjoyed watching Wild West shows, and his favorite television show was "Gunsmoke".  Mike enjoyed the game of poker and gambling in general.  He appreciated a cold Budweiser, baked potato and BBQ steak.  He was one of kind, and is hard to forget by those who loved him.[4]



In January 2006 Margaret Goble Faulkner attended the christening of her second Great Granddaughter, Paige Faulkner Oken at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Millbrook, New York.  Dr. Richard and Judith Faulkner Oken are the grandparents.[5]



Congratulations to our cousin, Stephen Hurst who had been accepted in the Society of Colonial Wars based on a line other than Goble. The Goble reunion in Reno in 2000 started him on this lineage society journey.   He has been president of his local SAR chapter and agreed to be registrar for the California state SAR in the coming year.




Goble triplet brothers of Akron share wrestling talent



From left, state tournament-bound wrestlers and triplets Brian, Brandon and Brad Goble are known in Akron by their nicknames. Brian is called Large, Brandon is Medium and Brad is Small. (Post / John Leyba)

(From the Denver Post)


Residents of Akron, Colorado, 115 miles east of Denver, call Brad, Brandon and Brian Goble by their nicknames - Small, Medium and Large. And the handles fit.


  "These guys don't look anything alike. Don't ask me why," said the best source available, Barbara Goble, their mother.


  Charlie Goble has proof in his wallet that his sons looked like triplets at one point. A faded picture white shirts, white ties and bowl haircuts.  But it must have been the day after the picture was taken that Brad began to grow up, Brandon grew out and Brian just grew and grew. Nearly 125 pounds and 6 inches now separate Small from Large.


  Brad, a.k.a. Small, wrestles at 152 pounds. Brandon, a soft- spoken 215-pounder, is Medium. Brian had to drop pounds to get under the heavyweight limit of 275 pounds. He's Large.


  "When they were born, Large was the little one - 3 pounds, 7 ounces," Charlie said.  There are other differences.  "Brad is totally the artist," said Calvin Denbo, a lifelong friend and fellow senior at Akron High. "Brian is the brains, and Brandon is the creative one. They are different in so many ways, but they are a lot alike, too. They can be in different rooms, and you can tell they are brothers by the way they talk."  The Gobles also have a daughter, Heather, who is nine years older than the triplets.


  The Goble brothers have spent a lot of time together. They started their own business, Busy Bs, mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter. They cruised town in the same yellow GMC Jimmy until recently, when they all got their own vehicle, and all three used to work at O'Dell's Super's, the local market. They even lined up together as linemen on Akron's Class 1A runner-up football team.


  They got their nicknames as freshmen when a football coach couldn't keep the "B" names straight.  "The first day of practice they all came up to me and rattled off their names," assistant coach Mike Kinney said. "I said, 'Guys, I'm never going to keep those straight. You're Small, you're Medium and you're Large.' Now the whole school calls them that. "I knew it stuck during a game when I heard the dad yell, 'Come on, Large."'


  The brothers will have their hands full at the state tournament. Small (22-7 this season) is in a bracket that includes Merino's Ross Brunkardt, a two- time state champion.  Medium (23-9) will have to contend with Nucla's Tucker Lane, another state champion, and Large (21-7) sits in another loaded bracket.  "I just want to have fun. It's my first time wrestling there, and it's a little nerve-wracking. You worry about how you are going to do your senior year," Small said.


For additional information:

Rocky Mountain News: Wrestling:,1299,DRMN_105_4470172,00.html

The Denver Post:,1299,DRMN_105_4470172,00.html


Question: Does anyone know how these Goble boys are connected to any of our lines?




  This playground in New York City honors George S. Goble, who ran an ice pond and icehouse in the Bronx during the 1860s. Adjacent to the playground is Macomb’s Road, named after the merchant and landowner, Alexander Macomb. In 1813, his son Robert Macomb erected a dam that held back the Harlem River at 160th Street. The construction enraged local residents since it blocked large boats sailing the river, and in 1838, a group of disgruntled Westchester farmers tore down the dam with axes.


  Goble Playground is part of a long history of recreational parks in New York City. From 1865 to 1895, as the population of the City doubled the streets teemed with children. Leading reformers lobbied for the creation of a new kind of small park for children — the playground. The earliest playgrounds, called “sand gardens,” appeared in the 1880s on the grounds of settlement houses. Furnished with innovative play equipment like seesaws, and staffed by trained recreation specialists, the playground was designed to be a “healthful influence upon morals and conduct.”


  As Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), 26th U.S. President, and President of the Playground Association of America wrote: “If we would have our citizens contented and law-abiding, we must not sow the seeds of discontent in childhood by denying children their birthright of play.” For these reformers, recreation was not an end in itself: it was directly linked to the preservation of social morality.


  Parks acquired the land for Goble Playground, at the southeast corner of Macombs Road and Goble Place, in two parts: the first section by purchase on October 20, 1936 and the second by condemnation on October 23, 1936. Commissioner Stern named the property Goble Playground on June 10, 1987. In December 1997, a $102,749 renovation sponsored by Mayor Giuliani was completed that added new play equipment, safety surfacing, handball courts, and landscaping. [7]



Brian Valentino found this old photograph recently while searching for family history clues.


The Goble Ladies[8]

Goble Ladies  (top center)  Ada Cox Goble (wife of Abraham Goble (9)), (middle l to r)  Faye Goble (10) Gooding, Thelma Goble (10), Isla Goble (10) Henderson, (bottom l to r) Letha Goble (10), Darrell Henderson (11)


If you have an old photo you would like to see on the website, please send them in!




On December 13, 2005 - James David Goble (31 Jan 1935-13 Dec 2005), of Commiskey, Jennings Co., Indiana and formerly of West Van Lear Junction, Kentucky, died in his sleep after a 4-year battle with Alzheimers.  He was in our German Goble tree.  He is survived by his wife Sara Delano McEndre-Goble; 3 sons - James Michael, David Wayne and William Howard Goble; 1 brother - William Nelson Goble; 2 grandchildren Ellen MaryJ and Michael Brenton and one great grandchild on the way.[9]


James David Goble, Estil/Estill C Goble, Andrew Jackson Goble, Christopher Columbus (Gobble) Goble, John M/B (Gobble) Goble, Isaac Gobble, John/Johann George (Gabel) Gobble, Johann Friedrich (Frederick) (Gobble) Gabel, Johann Friedrich Gabel, Hans (Johann) Jacob Gabel



Charleston (WV) Daily Mail   12/22/2005


Geneva Mae Goble, 73, of Eleanor, died Dec. 20, 2005, at Hubbard Hospice House, Charleston, following an extended illness.  Born Oct. 23, 1932, in Fraziers Bottom, she was a daughter of the late Melvin and Ima Gladys McCoy Goble.  Geneva was retired from Chapman-Erskine Funeral Home, Winfield and Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane, with 38 years of service spanning from 1959 through 1997. She was a lifelong resident of Putnam County and was Protestant by faith.  Surviving are her son, Norman D. Goble of Eleanor; her sister, Margaret L. Morris of Cross Lanes; her brothers, John Goble of Huntington and Gary D. Goble of Scott Depot; and her granddaughter, Melanie Renee Cooper of Huntington.  Services were held Friday, Dec. 23, at Chapman Funeral Home, 3624 Winfield Rd., Winfield, with Dr. J.D. Harrah officiating. Burial was in Beach Grove Cemetery, Eleanor.[10]



Palladium-Item Dec/19/2005  (Richmond, Indiana)


Iona F. Goble

CONNERSVILLE, Ind. -- Iona F. Goble, 80, of Connersville, died Sunday, Dec. 18, 2005.


Born April 5, 1925, in Brookville, she was the daughter of August and Grace Louderback Hofer.  Survivors include her daughters, Carol Dillon, Jeannie Davidson; son, Jim Goble; and sisters, Mary Hammil, Dorothy Gatts.  Her husband, Wayne Goble, died June 30, 1972.

Public graveside service will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at Everton Cemetery. No public visitation is planned. Showalter Blackwell Long Funeral Home, Myers Chapel, Connersville, is in charge of arrangements.[11]



Ripley Publishing Dec/21/2005  (Versailles, IN)


The Rev. James David “Jim” Goble, 70, of South Commiskey, passed away Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at Hickory Creek of Madison. He was born January 31, 1935 in West Van Lear Junction, KY, the son of Estel C. and Lorinda Auxier Goble, both deceased. He married Sara Delano McEndre of Commiskey on May 16, 1954, and she survives.


Survivors also include sons James Michael of Clarksville; David Wayne and William Howard of Commiskey; brother William Nelson of Banner Elk, NC; four grandchildren; two nieces; one nephew; many cousins and other relatives.


Rev. Goble graduated from Madison High School in 1953. He attended the California Baptist College in Riverside, CA, the Azusa State College in Azusa, CA, and the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY. He was active in the Boy Scouts of America, receiving the honor of Eagle Scout and “The Silver Beaver.” Rev. Goble was a founding member of the Madison Jaycees. He became an ordained Minister in June 1963. Rev. Goble began his ministry pastoring the deaf. He then pastored at various churches including New Marion Baptist Church. He was a volunteer chaplain at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison for 30 years.


Funeral services were Saturday, December 17, at Morgan-Webster-Nay Funeral Home in Madison with Rev. Leon Turner and Rev. John Beck officiating. Burial was at the New Prospect Cemetery, Hanover.[12]



The Warren Reporter, Dec. 16, 2005  (Warren, New Jersey)


LIBERTY -- Ruth J. Goble, 81, of Liberty Township, died Sunday, Dec. 4, 2005 in the Hunterdon Medical Center, Raritan Township.  Born Jan. 9, 1924 in Phillipsburg, she was a daughter of the late Harry and Laura Christensen Seiple.  Her husband, Harry "Lester" Goble Jr., died in 1979.


She was a graduate of Washington High School and worked as postmaster with the Great Meadows Post Office.  Ruth loved to travel.  She was a member of the Vienna United Methodist Church. She was also a 60-year member of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) #136, Washington, and was past Worthy Matron. She was a Worthy District Deputy of District #13, OES and was also a Grand Bearer of the Eastern Star Flag. Ruth was a Grand Representative of Scotland and treasurer emeritus.  She was a member of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States and was a member of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees.  She is survived by a son, Gregory Goble of Great Meadows; a daughter, Laurine Manozzi of Port Murray; a sister, Alice Renner of Stephensburg; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  Funeral services were held at the Vienna


United Methodist Church. Interment was in Somerfield Cemetery, Belvidere. Arrangements were handled by the Cochran Funeral Home, Hackettstown.[13]





Goble/Boykiw Family – 1988


In 1988 Dr. and Norma (Goble) Boykiw renewed the tradition of Family Reunions at their country home in Clearfield, Pennsylvania (plus motel accommodations) for their large family.  Almost 50 descendants of Charles and Ressa J. Goble were in attendance.  We had our group photograph taken just in time, before we began to loose spouses, thankfully.” [14]



It's A Boy!


John Michael DeBoer[15]

8 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 1/4 inches long was born 3:40 p.m. CST, February 24, 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama to David Taylor and Emily Paige ((12) Goble) DeBoer.  His proud grandparents are Wayne Eugene (11) Goble and Linda Wood.



It's A Girl!




Addolyn Bea (14) Petty

was born in Corpus Christi, TX on January 31, 2006 to Robert Randall (13) and Mendolyn Petty. . Her proud grandparents are Charles Curtis (12) and Olaine Petty.[16]







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