GABEL, DAVID		WELCH, LUCY		22 Aug 1868	Lawrence County

GABEL, E. P. 		WILLIAMS, MATILDA	14 Aug 1856	Lawrence County

GABEL, EMMA		BELL, WILL 		01 Dec 1895 	Lawrence County

GABEL, FANNIE		BEVIS, W. H. 		05 Feb 1888 	Lawrence County

GABEL, FELIX 		KOUNTZ, ALICE		15 May 1898  	Lawrence County

GABEL, GEORGE 		SMITH, HENRIETTA	12 Oct 1893	Lawrence County

GABEL, JAMES E.		STEWART, NANCY M.	10 May 1853 	Lawrence County

GABEL, JAMES M.		TUCKER, MARTHA A. 	10 May 1853 	Lawrence County

GABEL, JAMES M. 	TUCKER, MARTHA A.	18 Dec 1873	Lawrence County

GABEL, JOHN 		DURBIN, MANDY		11 Nov 1890 	Lawrence County

GABEL, MARTHA E.	GULLICK, WILLIE R. 	04 Jan 1881 	Lawrence County

GABEL, MATTIE		SPRINGER, SAM 		18 Jan 1894 	Lawrence County

GABEL, S. A.		TAYS, JAMES P. 		13 Dec 1865 	Lawrence County

GABEL, WILLIAM W. 	TIDWELL, NANCY D.	22 Jan 1876 	Lawrence County

GABEL, WILLIE		WELCH, FRANK 		28 Nov 1895 	Lawrence County

GABEL, W. A. 		SIMMS, M. E. 		19 Sep 1888 	Lawrence County

GABLE, ADDIE P. SPRINGER, WALTER K. 21 Oct 1897 Lawrence County GABEL, CALVIN McDOUGAL, ANNIE 28 Apr 1871 Lawrence County GABLE, LAURA A. SPRINGER, GUY 14 Oct 1894 Lawrence County GABLE, MELVINA WILEY, WILLIAM 14 Jan 1869 Lawrence County GABLE, ROSA A. WHITWORTH, D. L. 13 Jan 1892 Lawrence County GABLE, SARA E. COX, WILLIAM 07 Nov 1860 Lawrence County
GOBBEL, AMANDA McLEAN, WILLIAM 28 Mar 1869 Lawrence County GOBBEL DORA CREWS JOE 13 Oct 1895 Wayne County GOBBEL, K. C. GALLAHER, M. H. 16 Jan 1888 Lawrence County GOBBEL LETHA DUREN JAMES 30 Jan 1890 Wayne County GOBBEL, LUCY A. DIXON, C. F. 29 Sep 1895 Lawrence County GOBBEL LULA MITCHELL D. M. 30 Nov 1896 Wayne County GOBBEL, MARY A. CLAY, ALBERT G. 18 Jan 1883 Lawrence County GOBBEL MATTIE GREEN J. R. 3 Jul 1892 Wayne County GOBBEL MARTHA MITCHELL W. B. 5 Jun 1895 Wayne County GOBBEL, S. F. KELLEY, S. C. 16 Jan 1888 Lawrence County GOBBEL, W. A. CREWS, M. J. 24 Dec 1886 Lawrence County GOBBEL, W. J. BRUTON, MARTHA 12 Apr 1896 Lawrence County
GOBBLE A. F. GOBBLE NANCY R. 11 Oct 1876 Lawrence County* GOBBLE ELIZABETH SPRINGER JAMES 18 Jan 1871 Wayne County GOBBLE, I. H. MICHELL, SARAH E. 17 Oct 1877 Lawrence County GOBBLE, ISAAC H. MURPHY, ELIZA J. 06 Nov 1853 Lawrence County GOBBLE, ISAAC H. CLAY, MARY ANN 05 Sep 1853 Lawrence County GOBBLE J. A. LEE L. NORAH 28 Jul 1887 Wayne County GOBBLE J. B. HOLLIS M. E. 26 Mar 1885 Wayne County GOBBLE JAMES R. VICTORY MARY 24 Jun 1860 Wayne County GOBBLE JAMES F. LUTTS CATHERINE 4 Sep 1866 Wayne County GOBBLE J. R. RAY ANJELINE 12 Dec 1873 Wayne County GOBBLE, J. R. C. NOWLIN, A. M. 31 Oct 1860 Lawrence County GOBBLE, JOHN H. CROACH, NANCY 05 Oct 1865 Lawrence County GOBBLE JOHN W. WOODARD NANCY J. 8 Oct 1875 Wayne County GOBBLE, LULA CREWS, WILLIAM P. 14 Oct 1900 Lawrence County GOBBLE M. A. STRICKLIN S. C. 18 Dec 1884 Wayne County GOBBLE, MARY J. STAGGS, WILLIAM J. 21 Aug 1881 Lawrence County GOBBLE MARY RAY JASON 12 Oct 1899 Wayne County GOBBLE, NANCY CASTEEL, T. M. 06 Oct 1887 Lawrence County GOBBLE NANCY R. KELLY, A. F. 11 Oct 1876 Lawrence County* GOBBLE N. C. EARL S. H. 28 Jul 1878 Wayne County GOBBLE SARAH ANN SADDLER WILLIAM R. 29 Nov 1872 Wayne County GOBBLE SARAH C. PRINCE JOHN D. 19 Sep 1878 Wayne County GOBBLE W. A. CREWS MALISA E. 20 Feb 1868 Wayne County GOBBLE W. R. WOODARD MARY E. 22 Mar 1877 Wayne County
GOEBEL MAMIE(MARY E.) BOULDEN(BOULDIN) GEO 28 Mar 1894 Shelby Co TN (Recorded marriage book 2 page 119)
GOBLE, SARAH ROWAN, ROBERT 27 Apr 1897 Hawkins Co TN


*May be the same couple.

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