The Goble Barrel Hanger

By Evelyn Goble Steen
The Goble Barrel Hanger Invented by Edgar Allen Goble.

Goble Barrel Hanger

Edgar Allen (10) Goble and his brother Jesse (10) Goble designed and manufactured a steel handled invention to turn barrels. The device made turning any size barrel filled with gas, kerosene, vinegar, linseed oil or cylinder oil easy to handle. It was marketed to garages and stores. The invention was patented in 1923. Edgar and Jesse started a business together to produce and sell the device in Leavenworth, Kansas. The invention was quickly overtaken by industrialization, and the business failed.

Source: The Goble Family in America, Descendants of Stephen Goble of the Revolutionary War, by Evelyn Goble Steen, 1996 - LOC#96-69554, ISBN 0-9653482-0-2.

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