George (5) Goble

By Evelyn Goble Steen

George Goble, the youngest son and 16th child of Robert (4) Goble and Mary Malatiah, was born May 26, 1750 in the family home located on the road from Morristown, New Jersey to Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In November 1775 George enlisted in Morristown to serve as a Private in Captain Silas Howell's Company of the regiment in the Jersey line with Colonel James Alexander (succeeded by Colonel William Wines) commonly called "Lord Sterling." He marched from Morristown to Elizabethtown to New York then Albany where he joined the expedition from Quebec. When he returned he had served for one year and was discharged at Ticondaroga, New York. Sometime later, during the course of the War George served in Captain Wisner's Company of Colonel John Hawthorn's Regiment of the Florida and Warwick, New York Company of the 4th Regiment of the Orange County Militia. He is believed to have been a drummer during the war.

George married Juliana Wisner, daughter of Captain Wisner, on February 18, 1779 in Florida, Orange County, New York. George and Juliana had 13 children: Elizabeth, George Wisner, Thomas Wisner, William H. Selam S., Phoebe, Henry, John, Conklin, Sarah Sally Maria, Julean/Juliana, James?, and Lemuel (sometimes called Samuel) Seward.

He made his living as a "wheel-maker" or "turner." George applied for pension on May 23, 1818 and was placed on the pension rolls on February 9, 1820. In September of 1820 he listed his meager belongings. "Tools of the value of $15, one hog, one plow, one sled, one grind-stone, one table and half dozen chairs, one pot, one tea kettle, half dozen teacups and saucers, few old knives and forks. Three or four spoons, three or four plates, shovel and tongs, small trunk, few other old articles not worth $5." He died August 22, 1831 in Minisink, Orange County, New York. Juliana died on May 30, 1836


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